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AVG 8.3 v.
Spyware   2.3 ASW
Antivir per 8.2
Avast Free
Asquard sys prot
Real player         11 gold
Power DVD       v   8
DivX play        6.8
Notepad++ 5.1
Java R T E Applet
Erimson Editor Cord editor
BlockNot web editor
AutoHot key Task editor
Alleycode HTML edi
Net tools          V 5
Reak VBC       R controler
IPTools            NB scanner
Net metter
Driect x 9     Nov 08      
Active x & Flash player 11
Winrar            CF
JAVA             Sun
Syncback         sys backup
Net framework 3.5
CCleaner 2.13 sys cleaner
Resource Hacker
Register reg manager
Defraggler           1.4
Recyva         delete file RC
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Yahoo messenger 9 (B)
Msn messenger     8.5(WI)
Skype                   4 beta
Google talk
Internet Exploer   8 & 7  v
Avant Browser     11.9   v
Opara                   9.6   v
Firfox                     3.3   v
Google  chorme          
Driver Max Device Driver
CPU Z Sys Information
Speed Fan H W monitor
SWI Sys & HWmo
Sisoft Sys Information
Crystal Cpu info
Everest Cpu info
MemTest Memory test
Super PI Sys benchmark
Aquamark Performance
Driver Guide Device Driver
Dai Diagram maker
G Sketch 3D Models De
Nasa W W Virtual Globe
Speq Math Math prog
G Earth World explore
Celestia Space explore
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10000 News papers World W
BBC  world
AL Jazeera    (English)
AL Arabiya    (Arabi)
DD  News     (India)
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